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Sam Dunn and Banger Films have once again put together a must see documentary for heavy, and in this case extreme, metal fans. Metal Evolution: the Lost Episode – Extreme Metal is well worth your time. Attempting to crowd fund the project through an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $135,000, Dunn and company fell well short. Even though the program only raised 30% of its goal, the campaign utilized the Flexible Funding option, which means that whether or not the campaign reached its funding amount the film would be made. True to his word, Dunn completed the film, but as a bonus made it available to everyone through a bit torrent download.


Sam Dunn, director of the new Alice Cooper documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper, has released the missing episode from the VH1 series Metal Evolution.  The Extreme Metal episode, which VH1 wouldn’t pay to produce, was funded with an Indigogo campaign, has been released for free.

Get it here.