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From 2005 through March of 2013, Digby Pearson of Earache Records ran an “Ask Earache” blog in which fans could ask Dig anything Earache related.  Since Dig no longer keeps the blog active, I’ve decided to highlight some of the more interesting questions here.

This week’s question:  Did Earache really try to sign Darkest Hour?  The version events I heard was that they were friends with a US label staffer who tried to get them on Earache, but said staffer left to go to A-F records and so Darkest Hour went to Victory.  Interestly, Darkest Hour gave A-F their first two EPs to reissue in 1999 because of their friendship with the guy who worked there who was ex-Earache.


Iron Reagan has released the video for Miserable Failure, the first single from the band’s just released The Tyranny of Will.  The video was filmed in Portland, Oregon and is a crossover gem.  Iron Reagan features Tony Foresta and Land Phil from Municipal Waste together with Ryan Parish, formerly of Darkest Hour.  The album can be ordered on CD, Cassette, and three different colors of vinyl.  Order here.


 Avenged Sevenfold