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This week is full of great new releases, which means that any spare time you had just went out the window.  Check out the titles below.



Nunslaughter – Angelic Dread

Cleveland, Ohio via Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Nunslaughter return from a seven year hiatus with the double album Angelic Dread.  The followup to 2007s critically acclaimed Hex, which was also released by Hell’s Headbangers Records, is a 31 track double album.  Continuing in the blackened death thrash metal they’ve been known for, Angelic Dread is one of the band’s strongest releases of their near 30 year career.  The CD hits stores tomorrow with vinyl hitting store shelves sometime in July.  Self-described as Devil Metal, Nunslaughter continues the blasphemous tradition that they’ve utilized their entire career.


Nunslaughter have released the first single from their forthcoming album Angelic Dread. Released through Hells Headbangers on CD this coming Tuesday with the LP coming out in mid-July. You can preorder both versions here.  Also, look for my review of the album on Monday.



Everyone’s evil devil metal masters, Nunslaughter, are returning after a seven year recording hiatus with the release of Angelic Dread on Hell’s Headbangers Records.  In addition to the new album, the band will be on tour in Europe with Demincal and Warfect during the month of July.  Samples of the new album appear below.