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This week’s winners, losers and surprises.  A small list this week as there weren’t many releases.



Another oddly slow week for heavy metal releases.  You know there are very few releases when the biggest title comes from Epitaph Records.  Anyway, on with the show!



I didn’t grow up on hardcore. I lived in the suburbs of Seattle and metal was my savior. I never even checked out anything remotely hardcore until D.R.I. released their Crossover LP, or more accurately for me cassette. Crossover and Four of a Kind fueled me for a good year. After that hardcore was just another sub-genre of metal for me. Loud guitars, aggressive vocals, and rhythm sections that were fast and tight. It’s with that background that I approached the new Madball release, Hardcore Lives. (Side note: the title confuses me a bit. Does the “lives” refer to the fact that hardcore still exists, or are Madball proclaiming that they are hardcore about living? )


Madball release first video from their forthcoming LP, Hardcore Lives, which will be released next Tuesday via Nuclear Blast. The song and video also contain a guest appearance by Candice Puopolo of Walls of Jericho. The album can be pre-ordered here as a CD, DIGI CD and LP.