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Question:  Is there a specific reason that there were none, or a very minimum number of black metal bands signed to Earache records? I notice the only black metal band Earache obtained in sometime is Annal Nathrakh but that’s about all I can see from the catalog of bands.  Is it based on preference (maybe Earache isn’t too fond of the black metal genre) or is it based on just the idea that Earache is solely for death metal and grindcore?



Emperor performed their first live appearance since 2007 before an enthusiastic crowd at France’s Hellfest.  No full tour is set, but many European festival’s are on the band’s calendar in support of the 20 year anniversary of their In the Nightside Eclipse.  Touring lineup listed below.



Welcome (or welcome back) to Rube’s Metal Review, a guest post in which I, an ignorant lamb, sacrifice myself at the altar of metal.  This week’s assignment:  Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse.