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Corpse Flower Records is set to release a comic book based on Celtic Frost.  You read that correctly, a comic based on the mighty Celtic Frost!  It comes in multiple bundles including shirts, posters, and an artist bundle that includes an autographed book and card along with the shirt and poster. Photos of bundles and where to buy listed below.




Metal Blade Records announced today that King Diamond will be releasing a 2 disc Best Of collection titled Dreams of Horror on November 11th.  This comes on the heels of many of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate’s albums being reissued on vinyl.  No track listing has been announced as of yet, but the set is timed to coincide with King’s upcoming US tour.  Dates below with support coming from Jess and the Ancient Ones.



Tommy Ramone, one of the original members of the band, passed away last night from bile duct cancer.  He will be sadly missed. Read on for Bob Lefsitz memorial.


Cannibal Corpse are streaming a new track from their upcoming album, A Skeletal Domain, right now on Metal Blade Records YouTube channel.  The album will be released September 16th via Metal Blade.  Track listing, cover art and tour dates below.  Additionally, the band has announced that the first officially authorized biography, written by Joel McIver (Metallica’s To Live is to Die: Cliff Burton).



According to the PRP, Cannibal Corpse have announced their new album titled A Skeletal Domain.  The album will be out this fall on Metal Blade.  Track listing below.



The always ready to approve merchandise Motorhead have released a series of shirts to celebrate the Word Cup.  Examples below.



What you see there is the artwork for the upcoming Yob release.  The effort will be released September 2nd through Neurot Recordings.  Track listing below and teaser below.



The Jesus and Mary Chain’s swooning debut Psychocandy seared through the underground and to the top of the pop charts, shifting the role of noise within pop music forever. Post-punk and pro-confusion, Psychocandy became the sound of a generation poised on the brink of revolution, establishing Creation Records as a taste making entity in the process. The Scottish band’s notorious live performances were both punishingly loud and riot-spurring, simultaneously acting as socio-political commentary on tensions emergent in mid-1980s Britain. Through caustic clangs and feedback channeling the rage of the working-class generation who’d had enough, Psychocandy gestures toward the perverse pleasure in having your eardrums exploded and loudness as a politics within itself, not unlike the S&M pleasure of noisecore.

Yet Psychocandy’s blackened candy heart center – calling out to phantoms Candy and Honey with an unsettling charm and feminist bent – makes it a pop record to the core, not unlike The Ronettes late ’60s croons. Drawing from the sweetness of ’60s girl groups, The Stooges’ masochistic stage antics and Lou Reed’s feedback-laced guitar swells, The Jesus and Mary Chain expertly carved out a place where depravity and sweetness entwined, emerging from the isolating underground of suburban Scotland grasping the distinct sound of a generation, apathetic and uncertain. The record’s cult popularity became embedded within the sacred canon of pop music. Through expertly cultivating their image and cultivating musical talents, the irresistible Psychocandy emerged as a clairvoyant account of pop mastery that still causes us to grapple with pop’s relation to ourselves.

Another great release from the folks at Bloomsbury who publish the 33 1/3rd series.  Unfortunately this title won’t see the light of day until 2016.  Last week Metallica’s black album was announced as a new title in the series.  Many heavy metal titles made the proposal cut, hopefully more will make it to print.


Behemoth were detained in Russia for being evil. And then were deported.

Bassist Sean Malone will tour with Cynic for the first time in 20 years.

Aborted announce European tour with Origin, Exhumed, and Miasmal.

Chimaira announce North American trek with The Plot in You, Upon this Dawning, and Allegaeon.

Nick Hipa from Wovenwar (Ex-As I Lay Dying) lays into a delusional Tim Lambesis.

(Dick) Head from Korn lets everyone know he’s more insane than we already thought.

Megedeth cancel all upcoming dates due to Dave Ellefson’s brother.

Axl Rose retired, then he didn’t.  Once again proving to be one of the most decisive men in metal.

Godflesh gave us our first new music in 13 years!


You learned about five hair metal bands you should (have) known.





Metallica’s Black Album Book

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Coming September 2015!

In 1991, Metallica, released their self-titled, fifth studio album that would become known around the world as “The Black Album.” Since its release, it has sold 30 million copies, and has become a towering monument in the pantheon of rock’s greatest records.

The 33 1/3 book on The Black Album – the first in the series on the crowned kings of metal – gives readers unprecedented insight into the story behind an iconic album from one of the world’s most iconic bands. Written with direct and personal access to all members of Metallica and Bob Rock, the producer of The Black Album, David Masciotra is able to relay the results of his conversations with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted, and Rock, with storytelling skill and surgical precision. Masciotra takes readers into the recording studio, giving them Metallica’s account of how their most successful and famous record was born and learned to walk into every radio station and stadium stage around the world.

Masciotra not only talks to the band about the making of the album, but also the stories that inspired the songs. Readers will not only learn about “The Black Album,” but they will gain greater familiarity with the men who created it. Masciotra argues for Metallica’s coronation within heavy metal, but also persuasively advocates for the aggression, liberty, and spirit of defiance that heavy metal represents. It’s a must-read for any Metallica fan.

A bit about the author: David Masciotra is a cultural critic, political commentator, and columnist with the Indianapolis Star. He is a regular contributor to the Daily Beast, the Federalist, and Splice Today. He is also the author of All That We Learned About Living: The Art and Legacy of John Mellencamp. For more information visit

33 1/3rd has announced that Metallica’s Black Album will be among their next set of releases.  Unfortunately, the book won’t see the light of day until the end of 2015, but it’s nice to see more metal represented in the series.  This is the same series that includes D.X. Ferris’ great Reign in Blood title.  I’ll post more titles as they become available.