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The New York Times ran an interesting piece in Sunday’s paper that highlights Japan’s love of the CD.  Yes, the country that is tops in the world when it comes to early adoption of most things electronic, refuses to give up the CD.  The CD is so beloved, in fact, that it still represents 85% of their music sales.  You read that correctly, the world’s second largest music consumer market still has to embrace the streaming revolution.   Japan is so far behind when it comes to streaming services that Spotify still doesn’t have contracts with the major labels.


A ton of releases hit the streets this week.  Here are my winners, losers, and my big surprise.


Crowbar – Symmetry In Black (eOne)  Leaving Down last year to focus on Crowbar was definitely a wise move by Kirk Windstein.  His focus for Symmetry in Black is impressive.  The riffs, those mighty riffs.  They are packed into this album like sardines in a can, and while a really enjoyed the Kingdom of Sorrow records, the riffs felt wasted with Jamie Jastas voice.  Not an issue here.



Former Cacophony and Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has released a new video for his song Meat Hook. The track comes off his new solo album Inferno, which comes out May 27th via Prosthetic Records. Friedman will be touring with Ozzy and Firewind guitarist Gus G. in support of the album.

Pre-order here.

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