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Noise, which I’m finding to be amazing with the music they cover and the documentaries they make, have released the final two installments of they series on the New Orleans music scene.  All the luminaries from the previous installments make appearances.  Enjoy……and have a hurricane for me!


Noisey has unleashed the fourth episode of their NOLA: Life, Death, & Heavy Blues from the Bayou documentary series.  The episode features interviews with Sammy Duet, Crowbar, Down, Philip Anselmo and more.  This is a great series that needs to be seen.

You can find the first three installments here and here.


Over the past few weeks, Vice’s music division, Noisey, has released a documentary in pieces about the New Orleans, LA music scene.  Today they released the third episode.  I have to say, these have been fun and informative to say the least.  Let’s hope Noisey keeps more quality material coming at us rather than more depictions about how Kanye West thinks he’s Jesus…with a fat wife.

The previous two episodes can be found here.



Upon pressing play on Slow Southern Steel the viewer is met with one harsh reality, life in the south is fucking hard. At least according to the bands profiled in in the film. The common denominator for most of the bands featured in the film is family. That’s where the inspiration and desire to create music comes from. It didn’t matter if it was gospel, soul, rap, or blues, it was the music that family members had that first inspired the musicians. Glenn Campbell’s Rhinestone Cowboy seemed to be the one song most of the interviews had in common. Well, that song and anything from KISS.