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Saturday the 19th of April is the annual record collector holiday, Record Store Day. The first RSD was held on April 19th, 2008, and was independent music retail’s answer to Free Comic Book Day, which is held at comic book stores across the nation. RSD’s intent is to get exclusive product for mom and pop, brick and mortar record stores and help struggling retailers from closing due to the influx of big box stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy, which traditionally devalued music by using it as a loss leader. While a great strategy for immediate results, the long-term effect resulted in music being almost invisible at big box retailers. What else would you expect from Wal-Mart?

That original edition of RSD in 2008 included releases by Death Cab For Cutie, R.E.M., Vampire Weekend, Stephen Malkmus, – essentially the hipster music collective. With each successive RSD the releases have become more numerous and genres more diverse.

For this years edition the releases number in the hundreds and contain reissues no one wanted. A previously available Christian Death reissue 7” with new artwork in an edition of 2500 units. Really? Consumers want this, and in those kinds of quantities? Other highlights include not one, but two Everly Brothers reissues on vinyl, Otis Redding, vinyl, and lullabies of David Bowie songs on vinyl. Most of these are questionable releases at least.

This isn’t to say there aren’t some exciting titles included on the schedule. Machine Head, for example are releasing a 10” EP with a new track on the A side and two Ignite covers on the B side, while Opeth is reissuing 2008’s Watershed album on double green marble vinyl. My personal favorite is the TAANG! Records: The First Ten Singles box set. Each 7” is housed in full on recreations of the original jacket. Lot’s of time and effort has gone into putting this release together.

More after the break including a list of this years metal and punk titles: