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The charts change quite a bit this week.  Check below for the week’s new number 1!



Two very strong release weeks in a row.  Hail!  Some of the top labels in metal are releasing albums this week, so enjoy!



It’s not often that the first words out of a listener’s mouth is, “Who produced this album, it sounds amazing!” That is the case, however, with Revocation’s new long-player, Deathless. For the record, it was produced by Zeuss at Planet Z studios. Not only has Zeuss captured the brutality of Revocation’s live shows, but he has cleaned the sound up just enough that everything is crystal clear without being over-produced.


Publicist UK, the band featuring Dave Witte from Municipal Waste, and members of Revocation, Goes Cube, and Fresh Kills are streaming another new track via Noisey.  The track, Slow Dancing to This Bitter Earth is more of what the first single had, post-punk in the vein of Joy Division.  If you enjoyed Beastmilk, you should love Publicist UK.  Clock through to hear the first track.


Publicist UK, which features amongst its ranks Dave Witte of Municipal Waste, Brett Bamberger of Revocation, Zachary Lipez of Freshkills, and David Obuchowski of Goes Cube, are streaming the first track from their new project. Never Gone to School is now playing at the band’s Soundcloud page. The song isn’t what you would expect from members of such hardcore acts. The track has a post punk, almost goth feel, which is quite intriguing.