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I’m back from vacation so the blog will slowly get back to regular posts with a slight change in coverage.  New release wise, we should be seeing fairly strong releases through the end of the year.  Click below for today’s releases.



From 2005 through March of 2013, Digby Pearson of Earache Records ran an “Ask Earache” blog in which fans could ask Dig anything Earache related.  Since Dig no longer keeps the blog active, I’ve decided to highlight some of the more interesting questions here.

This week’s question: You wrote on this blog:  “Earache is not into the Loudness War and we master our CDs carefully, not brick walled to the max.” And you sympathize with “turn me up”?  I just bought Carcass Necroticism Descanting the Insalubrious 2008 release Dual Disc. I regret it.  The EQ of the guitars does not sound as good as the original but the worst part: It is bricked! The peaks are cut off. Why compress? What’s the point of playing this on my Hi Fi system? OK, i have seen worse remasters…  I compared 1991 and 2008 release in an audio editor. Image can be found below.


Carcass have released a new video for the track The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills from the band’s comeback album Surgical Steel.  The video was directed by Kazuaki “Kazu” Kimura & Glenn Maguire.  The band will release a B-sides compilation on Nuclear Blast Records on November 11th.  The EP is titled Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP.



Welcome to a new weekly column here on Brain Trust Music.  Rube’s Metal Review with S. Douglas Miller.  The premise:  Take a non-metal fan, assign him a classic metal record to listen to, and have him write a review.  With the explanation out of the way, I’ll let S. Douglas take over.