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The lineup for the New England Metal and hardcore Festival, taking place April 17-19 at The Palladium in Worcester, MA.  If you’re in the area, catch a piece of metal history.  Compete lineup below:



Streetcleaner Records, owned by Todd Jones of Oxnard Hardcore outfit Nails, is issuing, from what I can gather, his label’s fourth release, None Will Mourn, the debut album by Skinfather. While the album isn’t groundbreaking by any means, it’s an enjoyable listen through-and-through. The band plays a distinctly American version of mid-90s Swedish death metal that never seems to get old. In fact, the band lifted their name from Dismember, that’s pretty much their pedigree right there.

Building its sound off of solid riffs, Skinfather molds the rhythm section around the guitar arrangements so as to never get in the way. The vocals come across in a gruff and urgent manner that sounds reminiscent of Justin Broadrick of Godflesh. Not sounding the same, just similar in approach. The drums have the momentum of Entombed during their death and roll incarnation, keep the use of cymbals to a minimum. One of the interesting things about the album is how it’s sequenced. One song bleeds into another. Some band’s can get away with this, but for Skinfather it’s a risky proposition. The listener has no frame of reference for the beginning and ending of tracks making the LP, essentially, one long track.