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If you’re into punk and don’t know the Plasmatics, you have some ‘splainin to do! 80s Metal Blog has done a nice write up about Metal Priestess. Check it out.

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Before I launch into this great mini LP or EP or whatever you want to call it from The Plasmatics, I must give forewarning that I might not be posting very much over the next three or four weeks due to family problems. My father in law passed away last week and the funeral is on Wednesday which means we will make the 200 mile trip to Grimsby on the Tuesday. I know for Americans, that distance is just a Sunday drive. The following week, I’m off to the States to visit my mother who I haven’t seen in eight years and hasn’t been well since her accident Christmas time. I know, I’ll get plenty of time to hang with old friends and my brother and sister but I can’t be sure of how much computer time I will get. I have always endeavored to post twice a week here…

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Back in 1981, I thought I did a great job keeping up with all the music that was going around at the time, especially considering the fact that I was a bit hampered by serving in the military back then. However, the more I explore this year in music, not only have a drawn the conclusion that 1981 was a killer year for music, I feel slightly sick at my discovery of how many great albums that went past me unnoticed, including this debut album from Motley Crue.

I did hear the album in retrospect after hearing the great follow up to it and I did like it then but hearing it again after such a long lay off, I like it even more. There are some killer jams laid down on this one. The first five songs on this album really get things going here. All of them can…

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Rock Iconz, those purveyors of incredibly affordable and extremely detailed statues of, well, rock icons, have decided to devote a set to the almighty Slayer.  It’s interesting to note that the Slayer Iconz are a trio, Kerry King, Tom Araya, and Jeff Hanneman.  Yep, no Dave Lombardo, so we have that to look forward to in his next interview.  Then he’ll complain about being asked about the situation.  My biggest issue with these toys is their price, each is $125!  And to make things more shocking, the Jeff Hanneman figure has already sold out.  At $125!  Apparently Slayer fans have nearly as much disposable cash as KISS fans!  Click through the post to see photos of the figures.


A new blog popped up recently that animates classic album covers.  Those featured below are just a highlight of what the designer has done.  His other work features NOFX, No Use For A Name, Helloween, and many, many more.  This animations took some serious time so make sure to click through and check out more of his work.  The blog is located here.



[Metallica – Ride the Lightning]


[Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind]


[Alice Cooper – Raise Your Fist and Yell]


[Judas Priest – Ram it Down]


[Hammerfall – No Sacrifice, No Victory]


[Cannibal Corpse – Butchered at Birth]

Check out the rest of jbetcom’s gif’s, many that aren’t metal, but are just as fun none-the-less.  The Cannibal Corpse and Metallica are keeping me entertained entirely.



So it appears that Apple is well on its way to shuttering the Beats Music app.  This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed my posts regarding streaming music services.  Apple historically has shut down apps they purchase while eventually including the positive aspects of those apps in future updates of its own proprietary applications an programs.  I was in the beta trial for Beats Music and knew immediately and it was no threat to Spotify.  The lack of a desktop client made creating playlists extremely cumbersome to the point that I gave up on the service while still in my free trial.  Shortly after the brand’s arrival on the market, industry pundit Bob Lefsetz (if you don’t read his blog, you really should.  It can be found here) declared Spotify the winner.



The New York Times ran an interesting piece in Sunday’s paper that highlights Japan’s love of the CD.  Yes, the country that is tops in the world when it comes to early adoption of most things electronic, refuses to give up the CD.  The CD is so beloved, in fact, that it still represents 85% of their music sales.  You read that correctly, the world’s second largest music consumer market still has to embrace the streaming revolution.   Japan is so far behind when it comes to streaming services that Spotify still doesn’t have contracts with the major labels.



With more and more artists posting photos online of their supposed streaming royalties, industry pundit Bob Lefsetz sets the record straight.  While I don’t always agree with Lefsetz, many times he calls it like it is.  Read on to hear his thoughts on Spotify.


Another possible Nazi connection with a new black metal band. Much like Coldwar, the band claims to be attempting to reclaim the Swastika from it’s fascist twentieth century meaning to it’s peaceful origins in other countries and religions. Historically, the symbol has been associated with peace, most notably in India, but, like many symbols, was co-opted by the Nazis, which tarnished the image beyond repair. The only Nazi symbol I can think of that was able to be reclaimed by the group it represented was the pink triangle for the gay community. The pink triangle is slightly different, however, as it was something created by the Nazi regime to identify homosexual prisoners. It will be interesting to see how people react to Bölzer.


bolzer Fabian “HzR” Wyrsch (left) and Okoi “KzR” Jones (right) of Bölzer. By enlarging this image, you can see the swastika tattoo(s) on Jones’ left arm

Like most things in life, I caught on late to Bölzer, the Swiss death/black metal duo whose music has been received rapturously by metal critics over the last year or so. But having listened to a track off their soon-to-be-released Soma EP, I quickly came to the conclusion that the hype was justified. With a teeming, overwhelming sound for a two-piece, aided by refreshingly naturalistic, analogue production, both of the band’s short releases to date show a lot of promise, at times bringing to mind a version of Blut Aus Nord that favours direct bursts of aggression over long-form experimentation. It’s little wonder that these recordings, and a smattering of well-received live shows, have metal sites the world over eagerly awaiting a full album.

But, given recent events…

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I’ve re-posted Bob Lefsetz, of the Lefsetz Letter Blog, here before.  He has an insight into the music industry that those of his tenure in the business rarely posses.  Most label heads don’t was to listen, other pundits constantly attempt to shoot him down and Gene Simmons went so far as to tell him to change his name because Lefsetz was too Jewish!  Way to keep it classy Simmons.

In his latest post, Lefsetz covers what bands need to focus on digitally to build awareness and create an online presence.   Read on…



Late yesterday afternoon, industry pundit Bob Lefsetz published a piece on what band’s need to do to make it.  Many readers will be able to understand what my The More You Know column (found here) from yesterday was about.  Read on.