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Pro shot video of last night’s Megadeth show at Vorterix in Buenos Aires, Brazil has surfaced online. Enjoy!


If, like me, you read a lot of music books you’ve undoubtedly heard of the 33 1/3rd series.  A writer picks a specific record and writes a 100 page-or-so book about it.  Some of my favorite have been D.X. Farris’ Reign in Blood and Colin Meloy from the Decemberists covering The Replacements Let It Be album.  Each artist approaches the title with a different slant.  Meloy’s edition talks about his youth and how Discovering this album helped him find his place in the world.  Others, like John Darnielle’s edition covers Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality by telling a story of a youth in a mental institution and relates it to the album.

All that being said, the publisher today released the list of books that are up for nomination for 2014.  There are some notable metal albums here, and some that make one scratch their head.  The Crash Test Dummies’ God Shuffled His Feet and New Kids in the Block’s Hangin’ Tough.  Really?  I didn’t even think anyone remembered those bands.  There are, however, some great metal records on the list as well.  Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction and Metallica’s Black Album?  Yes, please.

Take a look at the list and leave your favorite in the comments section.

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