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Album Review: Hoth – Oathbreaker

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Album Reviews


Hoth – Oath Breaker

I discovered Hoth one day while searching through Bandcamp for my Bandcamper of the Day column. The post got quite a few hits and got me a thank you from the band. I’m not sure what it was in the music that tipped me off, but I had a feeling about the lyrics. So much so that I contacted the band and asked for a lyrics sheet. The quickly sent me a link. As I suspected, the lyrics are about Star Wars. Upon further research, the band’s name should have given it away. Hoth is the sixth planet of a remote solar system of the same name.  It is a terrestrial planet blanketed by snow and ice, which is a great metaphor for the album.



Another big release week for the first week of June.  Some great stuff here and, let’s be honest, a bunch of shit you’re never going to listen to.


Hoth hail from Seattle and play a dark, brooding metal that’s not quite black metal. In their tags they list Stars Wars under a genre, so that may give you some insight into their vision. This is a concept album, so take that for what it is.

Their description reads, ” We seek to envelope this world in an unending permafrost by bringing forth musical compositions that are captivating, powerful, and haunting.” Which is quickly followed by, “We hope that you will enjoy listening to Hoth as much as we enjoyed making it.” That dichotomy gave me a laugh.

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