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Question:  Is there a specific reason that there were none, or a very minimum number of black metal bands signed to Earache records? I notice the only black metal band Earache obtained in sometime is Annal Nathrakh but that’s about all I can see from the catalog of bands.  Is it based on preference (maybe Earache isn’t too fond of the black metal genre) or is it based on just the idea that Earache is solely for death metal and grindcore?


Persekutor are today’s Bandcamper of the Day.  Hailing from Transylvania, Persekutor play a simple (OK, even simpler) form of black metal at a much slower and methodical pace than the genre’s masters. The vocals aren’t screeched, but rather spoken with an evil tone.  The riffs and some chord progressions at times remind me of the Sisters of Mercy, as odd as that is. Plus, just to be different they want to freeze the cross, not burn it.  Released in a limited edition cassette on Interior Ministry, the label owned & operated by members of Ides Of Gemini.

Price: $4 for digital download, $7 for cassette


Bandcamper of the Day: Bròn

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Bandcamper
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Today’s bandcamper comes to us from Edingurgh, UK.  Bròn is a one man atmospheric black metal band that is mixture of black metal Burzum and new age Burzum.  The nearly thirty minute, one track album goes from airy keyboard interludes to screeching wails without worry how the listener will react.  They do what they want, when they want, and fans can take it or leave it.  You have to admire some who takes that attitude as they’re purely in it for the music, not the fame.  And it’s obvious he’s not in for the money since it’s a name your price album.  Hail!


Backened death metal horde Possession hail from Ireland, and that death-n-roll that later Entombed was known for.