Brain Trusts Top 10 of 2014: In No Particular Order Part V

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Charts
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And the final day has arrived.  The last two titles in my best of 2014.  Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts.  Throw your top ten in the comments section below.  Check back Monday for a couple of honorable mentions for the year!

Alcest – Shelter: This French black metal duo return with their fourth proper full-length album, amongst EPs, split albums, live recordings, and demos. What makes this band so interesting is one never knows what they will do next. From minimalist, lo-fi black metal, to the black gaze of Shelter, it seems the only thing that can limit where this band goes is the members themselves. The sky is the limit. That’s something that’s rarely heard in the black metal scene.


Pet Slimmers of the Year – Fragments of Uniforms: While possessing one of the most bizarre band names in, well, pretty much history, Pet Slimmers of the Year deliver masterful instrumental post-rock. Combining elements of metal, ambient, and rock to produce tracks that easily wouldn’t be out of place on a compilation next to Cannibal Corpse or scoring the next Robert Deniro film, PSotY perform instrumental rock in an interesting, but more importantly, an accessible manner that has something for everyone.




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