Brain Trusts Top 10 of 2014: In No Particular Order Part II

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Charts
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Here is day two for my best of 2014.  They appear in no particular order as at any given time an album may move up or down the chart given my mood.  So here are today’s titles:

Misery Index – The Killing Gods: In what could have been a disastrous year for Misery Index (they changed labels, which can be risky), the band rose above and proved to be one of the most brutal releases this year. The single Conjuring the Cull was one of the main tracks that got me through Jim’s three heart surgeries in a 24 hour period.


At the Gates – At War With Reality: It took nearly 20 years for At the Gates to finally release the followup to the critically acclaimed genre masterpiece, Slaughter of the Soul. It took nearly a decade after the band reformed before they laid a single note down for the new album. In fact, they signed to Century Media Records by the sheer simple fact that the label wanted the band without even hearing a note. I’m listening to it at the moment I write this on the most amazing marbled grey vinyl it almost looks 3D. Way to go AtG.


Check back tomorrow for two more albums.



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