Winners, Losers and Surprises: 6/28 – 7/5/14

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Winners Losers Surprises
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This week’s winners, losers and surprises.  A small list this week as there weren’t many releases.


Spellcaster – Spellcaster (Self-Released)  Always nice to hear some great traditional metal, and doubly nice for it to be from Portland, ORs Spellcaster.  Shredding guitars, killer rhythm section, and perfect vocals with just the right amount of reverb and echo.


Corrosion of Conformity – IX (Candlelight) The lineup is more similar to Eye for an Eye era COC, but the music is closer to the lineup that released Blind.  Lots of southern sludge riffs with vocals carefully layered over the top.



Liberty N’ Justice – The Vow (LNJ)  Think of this band as Hinder with the lyrics of the Backstreet Boys.  I feel dirty now.  I need a shower.



Madball – Hardcore Lives (Black N Blue) If you haven’t read my review you can do so here.  This is a solid record that contains what you would expect from the band.  Great riffs, solid breakdowns and socially conscious lyrics.


Next week sees a ton of releases including Goatwhore, Ministry, Origin, Mortals and Wolves in the Throne Room.



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